Terms And Conditions

1) Do not use my blog design aspects to create a new design on your own or a professional blog designer.
2) My credit attributions on the sidebar (which should stay on top of any sponsors) and my footer attribution must stay in contact.
3) Your privacy is important to me, if you give me your login details I will only use them to install your blog design. You may change your password once I'm done.
4) You MUST do a blog post on how you liked the design and it MUST stay up. You MUST also do a testimonial for my blog!
5) There is no way that you are getting a refund once your design is booked! So pay attention to all this!
6) The blog design you ordered for must only stay on that blog. Don't use the design on another of your blog or a friends blog!
7) I'm not liable for any loss or damage to your blog! If you are worried then back up your ENTIRE blog encase something does go wrong!

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