How Do I Get A Free Custom Blog Design?

It's EASY ! You go to the page 'Are You Ready?' and you fill out the blog design application form. Before you fill the form out, make sure you have a good design vision (THEN YOU MAKE IT A BILLION TIMES FASTER) and that you've read the 'Terms And Conditions' page! From there I'll email you about your design and we shall get started. You will get as many revisions of your blog design as needed, until your design is PERFECT!

Do NOT fill the form out if you aren't willing to do a post on your blog about your new design, if you don't agree to the terms and conditions and if you aren't willing to do a testimonial for me! You must also follow this shop All-Nighter Designs and my blog Little Vintage Camera

Approximately How Long Will It Take?

Well, it really depends on when you contact me and how speedy you are at replying back. It can take as little as a day to as long as a month or two! It depends on how fast you can reply back to my emails, when you contact me, the complexity and where you are on the waiting list!

How Do You Install It On My Blog?

There are two installation methods. Firstly you can give me your login details so I can install it... but I know some people don't like to give away there login details, so the second option is that you can invite me to your blog, I accept the invitation and then you make me a blog admin. If you use the first option you may change your password once the installation process is done! 

What Blog Services Do You Design For?

Right now I only do Blogger.

What Should I Expect To See In One Of Your Designs?

If I design your blog you will get a custom blog background, a button with grab code, a header, an about me image, favicon and both my credits in the sidebar and footer.

And some optional items you may see are navigation pages, social media button.

Do You Do Testimonials?

Why yes I do! Once I've completely installed your design, afterwards I will request for a testimonial.

If you have any more questions you can contact me whilst your filling out your blog design application form or contact me via my email

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